Empire Ballroom Dance Studio of Sarasota!

  • Locally Owned & Operated here in Sarasota, FL
  • International Experience
  • Numerous top teaching awards
  • Worldwide recognition and certification

Progressive teaching techniques, experienced instructors, and innovative dance studios will help you dance with passion, romance, and artistry while you stay in shape and have fun!

We believe that dance is about discovering new ways to express yourself in an exhilarating, active, and healthy way.  We stand by our community and support various causes.

We are experts in teaching brand new students here in Sarasota, giving them confidence, a sense of rhythm, and a LOVE for dance!

Couples and single students are always welcome!

Drop In’s Welcome!  Walk into our studio and take the first step to a happier and healthier life!!

About Us

Empire Ballroom Studios in Downtown Sarasota opened its doors in 2010.

Our primary focus is dance instruction in Ballroom, Latin, Social, Competition and Wedding.

With our top professional teachers, we have developed a syllabus to ensure each student learns popular dances in only a few sessions.  Our curriculum, unlike other studios, lets students customize every single session to meet their needs

Our program is aggressive and highly structured by World Champions and the best Coaches in the country.  Our diversity has also proven successful in keeping lessons fun, easy and interesting.  We encourage our students to dance anywhere and everywhere, whether it be night clubs, cruises or dance competitions.

Our downtown location is conveniently located on Boulevard Of The Arts with plenty of parking. The Studio design is the most elegant in the area with a welcoming atmosphere.

Benefits of Dance!

Dollarphotoclub_96585203It is almost impossible to convey the many benefits that Empire students have received as a result of their dance lessons. Many singles and couples find that it has created more romance in their lives. Others rave about losing weight and all the health benefits dancing has to offer. And still, others enjoy how great they look and feel when out on the social dance floor.

Let Empire Ballroom Studios be your partner as you take pride in the accomplishment of learning to dance. Become a part of our world, and relish the pageantry, fun and glamour of social dance. Dance can become more than your hobby, it will provide you with a new lifestyle filled with excitement and friendships. Don’t put it off for a single moment more…share in the Magic of Social Dance at your Empire Ballroom Studio.

FUN: Although your commitment to learn to dance will demand concentration, dedication and time, you will be constantly surrounded by artistic, cheerful people who will make your instruction at Empire Ballroom Studios a most pleasurable and rewarding experience.

FRIENDSHIPS: Beyond instruction, dance opens a wide spectrum of social settings in which friendships are forged and dreams come true. Scheduled Empire Ballroom Studio dance parties, local, regional and national competitions and fun nights out on the town provide dancers with a full social calendar.

Dollarphotoclub_80400203CONFIDENCE: Dancers possess an aura of self-confidence and an ability to enjoy themselves more in public settings. Their entire mental outlook takes on a renewed sense of creativity, motivation and energy.

CREATIVITY: Dance provides an emotional outlet in which a person can truly reflect his or her feelings through body movement. The ability to dance is present in everyone… it only needs to be cultivated through sound instruction methods. Then you’re on your own to express yourself with passion and flair.

HEALTH: Dancing helps the body’s circulatory system as it makes your heart pump blood faster. Dancing encourages weight control and overall fitness through calorie burn off. The constant movement and muscle extension during dance sessions also provides a pleasing, mild exercise most people long for but rarely achieve, especially in such pleasant circumstances.