Sid Pocius, Owner

Empire Ballroom Studios was founded by Sid Zydrunas Pocius, World Class Professional Champion Ballroom Dancer.  He started his career at the age of 6 in his native country – Lithuania.  By the age of 13, he became National Champion and started competing throughout the world.  At the age of 18 he opened his own studio in Europe. After having 5 successful years as a studio owner, he decided to come to the US to share his passion and experience. Now he is a proud American Citizen, Certified World Class Professional Ballroom Judge and Coach, co-owner and organizer of 5 Star Ballroom Events,

Organizer of Sarasota Challenge Competition, and owner of Empire Ballroom Studios….Ballroom Dancing is a journey through cultures, times, social etiquette’s, with a destination of self-fulfillment and well-being…

Vidas Orlovas, Manager

Vidas Orlovas started his dance career when he was 4 years old in Lithuania.

After 18 years of dancing in competitions internationally, he went to Klaipeda University to acquire a degree in Choreography and Dance Instruction. During his college education he continued to dance in a formation team, Zuvedra II, in order to compete in world championships.

After graduating from college Vidas moved to the Sarasota area to share his international dance expertise with Empire Ballroom Studios.

Joshua Alexander

Joshua began his interest in dancing with hip hop and b-boying at the young age of 11.

In 2006 Joshua attended New York College for massage therapy. After graduating, his passion for dancing was revived when one of his clients encouraged him to give Ballroom Dancing a spin. Needless to say he never looked back.

He began his teaching career at Arthur Murray in 2007 Long Island, NY. By 2010, he held the position of number 2 teacher out of 4,900 in the world. He kept that status for 6 years, because as he says “he is doing what he loves”.

His path has brought him to our beautiful town of Sarasota, where he is proud to continue doing what he loves, teaching Ballroom. He continues to inspire all around him with his teaching and passion for dance.

Elina Budagyan

Elina became fascinated with dance early in life, which was inspired by her cultural upbringing and natural passion.

In 1991, she moved to the United States from Baku, Azerbaijan with her family at the age of four. Elina took her first ballroom class at the age of nine at a studio near her home in Akron, OH.

Eventually she would learn other forms of dance including ballet, jazz, character, and folk. Pursuing further dance education, Elina worked with many of the top ballroom coaches in North America.

She has competed across the U.S. and Canada, winning numerous competitions. She now spends her time dancing professionally and bringing her knowledge and love of dance to her students.

Logan Marion

Logan fell in love with dance at a young age; being that both of her parents were professional ballroom instructors, dancing was just in her blood!

She started training American style ballroom as well as West Coast Swing at the early age of 7, and started attending competitions when she was only 12 years old.

Since then she has competed all across the U.S. and has won many titles.  She now proudly instructs at Empire Ballroom Studios where she shares her passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge with her students.